Potion Shop

Game description
Maximize precious fake pretend game currency in an exercise of supply, demand, and experiment. Assume the role of a crafty potioneer making your way in this workaday potion world. Sell poisons, potions, slimes, and more in this weird swf I made. People not buying your healing potions? Flood the market with potions of bravery and they'll take more risks! Ingredient effects are randomized every time the game starts so some mixing and memorizing will be necessary. Take an algebraic approach with lots of notes, or just mix up whatever you think sounds cool, it's your potion shop. Hope you enjoy. :I
How to play
Drag two ingredients and/or potions at a time to the cauldron to make a new potion. Sell potions in the storefront. New ingredients appear every 7 game days. You get up to day 100 before game over. Each sale influences demand for potion effects. You can check this by clicking 'PRICES'. Ingredient effects randomize at the start of every playthrough. It's up to you to find out how ingredients and potions mix together but some effects are consistent. Some ingredients add effects to others, some convert to one property, some are weird or horrible but nothing will change what it does mid-game. Mash 'PLAY' and get exuberant.